Talk about all over the place. The British Empire seemed to peak many years ago; however, they have had a great decline since then and does not look they are going to be going back up anytime soon.


Okay Mr. Jay-Z, this is a little ridiculous. In my mind, no man on this earth is worth 200 million dollars to play a sport. I believe with Jay-Z becoming an agent it just has made professional athletes more greedy. Jay-Z puts into their heads that they are the best and they deserve the most. In my mind, Robinson Cano is not the best and does not deserve the most.


I don’t believe that company’s need to market their company by causing controversy. That just seems way too desperate and could cause a company to gain less respect. For a company to market their company and their motives, they should do everything in a positive way. It only makes sense to get attention in positive ways because then they will create good relationships.


Ben & Jerry’s Did It Right

Ben and Jerry’s may be a little pricy for their ice cream; however, when they create marketing plans like “free cone day”, they just top other competition. This will bring people to receive a free cone and who knows, potentially buying other things and creating customer loyalty. Well done, Ben and Jerry’s.


I recently read an article about Ben & Jerry’s social media marketing campaign that caught my eye.  Ever hear of “Free Cone Day?” I participated in the event last year at their shop in Manchester, VT.  It’s when Ben & Jerry’s serves anyone and everyone with one, free regular cone of any flavor they choose on the first day of their open season. The tactic they chose to promote this event spread the message like wildfire across the U.S. through social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more: the huge component being the use of their hashtag, #FreeConeDay.

They ended up reaching over 10% of the entire population. Ben & Jerry’s goals were the following:

1) Engage a global audience

2) Drive awareness about the event and traffic to their stores

3) Fuel customer participation that would propel word-of-mouth and increase their brand reach

All it took was a…

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Apple just never fails to make so many people’s lives so much easier. To create an app that will make shopping easier and more convenient for people is jsut one of the many reasons apple will always be a top marketing company. The company has more money than they know what to do with so in a way it is easy for them to keep coming up with these ideas. However, these ideas make the consumer happy which in turn creates profit for Apple. Its just one big circle effect.